LED Ceiling Light – OPPLE (MX420-Shining Star)

LED Ceiling Light – OPPLE Shining Star MX420

Ceiling light creates a sparkling effect when switch on, diffuser cover has a sparkling diamond effect when lighted, light fixture can be used for as your living room lighting or bedroom lighting.

Come in three wattages and color temperature:

  • 22W – Warm white 2700K
  • 24W – CCT Selectable 2700K – 6500K by on/off wall switch
  • 36W – Daylight 6500K

Ceiling Light dimension: Ø420mm x H 110mm

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LED Ceiling Light – OPPLE Shining Star MX420

LED ceiling light’s diffuser has a Sparkling diamond effect when lighted. The light is a great option if you are looking for something unique for your living room light or as a bedroom light.

Compared to compact fluorescent lights, LED lighting consume a minimal amount of electricity and are even lower in consumption than energy-saving lights. This protects the environment and your wallet.

Choose either 22W, cosy warm lighting of 2700K for a relaxing ambience suitable for bedroom or in the living room or if you are looking for cool white lighting, 36W 6000K is the light to go for. Or if you can’t decide on what color temperature to get, why not go for the 24W CCT Selectable type that let you switch color from 2700K Warm to 4000K Cool to 6500K daylight.

The light can be used in different places, such as in the kitchen or study room, choose the 36W daylight color where you need to focus on the tasks you are working on for efficiency as well as installed in office spaces to have a good focus while working without getting tired.

LED Color Temperature & Power Wattage Option:
  • 22W, Warm white 2700K
  • 36W, Daylight 6500K
  • 24W, 3-in-1 Color Selectable from 2700K – 4000K – 6000K by standard on/off wall switch

Ceiling Light dimension: Ø420mm x H 110mm

Fixture color: White

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Color Temperature

22W – 2700K Warm White, 36W – 6000K Daylight, 24W – CCT (2700K-4000K-6000K)


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