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LED Weatherproof Lighting

LED Weatherproof Lighting

T8 LED Weatherproof Light image for carpark and warehouse

T8 LED Weatherproof Luminaire

A complete LED weatherproof luminaire for direct surface mounted on wall/ceiling, wire suspension or fixed steel rod suspension. Suitable for outdoor and damp indoor areas. Low power consumption and high efficiency. Long lifetime.

Prismatic diffuser provide even light output and high transmission. Easy and quick installation and maintenance. Durable stainless steel clips and silicon gasket is standard for this range of luminaires.


– 9W or 18W T8 LED Tube
– Dimension: 
2ft Single L658 x W98 x H103mm / 2ft Double L658 x W150 x H105mm
4ft Single L1266 x W98 x H103 / 4ft Double L1266 x W150 x H105mm

– Long Lifespan
– Easy Installation
– Application: Parking lot, shopping center, parks, exterior wall of buildings, any commercial of architectural walls.

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