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Lighting up your home! – Part 3

Lastly, our final part of our home lighting guide! These are some final key features that are important when choosing LED with dimmers, that a small addition can make a big difference in terms of cost savings and functionality.

11. LED Strips
– Allows the length to be fitted to your ceiling
– If installed properly, there will hardly be any shadows
– For straight lengths, choose LED strips with an aluminium housing and a frosted/clear acrylic cover to prevent dust from collecting on the strip
– Recommended to install a dimmable power supply with the LED strip to control the light level

12. Dimming
– Dimmers for LED are more easily available now and there is no need for re-wiring in the house
– You can dim straight from the wall mounted dimmer switch
– Do check with us or your trusted electrician before placing your order as not all dimmable drivers are compatible

LED Lamp

13. Tunable White
– 2-3 groups of LED chips with different colour temperatures on the LED module
– Mixture of 3000K and 6000K LED chips on the circuit board
– This tuning can be achieved by either a dimmer, or a wall switch
– Recommended if you would like different lights for different activities e.g. warm white for relaxation before sleep, cool white/daylight for specific tasks like studying and reading