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Lighting up your home! – Part 2

In this second part, we will touch base on the various lightings that are commonly found and installed in homes. Having a variety of these lights is key to achieving a well lit space, and with careful planning, you can obtain visually pleasing effects that elevates the ambience and overall mood of your space.

6. Direct Lighting
– High glare – add diffusers to cut out 30-40% of the light
– Light is used to illuminate a specific area
– E.g. Kitchen preparation and cooking areas, museums, retail shops, rail track lights

7. Indirect Lighting

– Not visible from the normal viewing angle and light is bounced off the ceiling, wall or floor
– Provides comfortable lighting for a room – E.g. Cove lights, lights hidden behind the pelmet, staircase ledge

8. Task Lighting
– Lighting chosen specifically for a task, that lights up a particular area
– E.g. Table reading lamp, bedside reading lamp, floor lamp next to a sofa, wall mounted
– Supplements the general lighting to provide additional illumination for tasks that require for light, such as reading or craftwork

9. Recessed Downlights
– With a false ceiling, downlights can help to achieve a good lighting ambience
– Choose downlights with good glare control, so that the light source sits higher and cannot be visible from the normal viewing angle
– Allow for a ceiling with at least 200mm from false ceiling to the concrete ceiling as enough recessed depth is necessary for such downlights
– With proper installation, it allows you to light up every area of a room, a feature wall/table/objects

10. Track Lighting
– E.g. Used in shops, departmental stores, galleries, museums, hotel ballrooms
– Track lighting allows great flexibility as the spotlights can be changed or moved
– The spotlights can be fitted with accessories, colour filters, spread lens, etc
– It can provide similar effects like recessed downlights when there is no false ceiling
– Tracks can be arranged in long straight lengths, L-shaped, U-shaped, closed squares and rectangles