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VISION+LITE: Twin / Triple / Quad

VISION+LITE: Twin / Triple / Quad

VisionLite catalog linear downlight

VISION+LITE: VLD QA/QF 45 & 68 (Twin / Triple / Quad)

Anti-glare square LED recessed downlight for Twin / Triple / Quad version. Adjustable and fixed VLD 45 or VLD 68 range for commercial applications. Different colours of secondard reflector are available. Anti-glare accessory provides maximum eye comfort. Available in various sizes and wattages. Meticulous detail, interchangeable design, precise optical control.

– CRI 80+ 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
– LED Power (w): 4w, 7.5w, 11w, 8.5w
– Cutting hole (mm): please refer to catalog
– High Lumens Output
– Long Lifespan
– Easy Installation
– Interchangeable design
– Trimless version available
– LED Driver: remote (dimming requirements available on request)

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